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February 11, 2006


"Weaving the Information Society: a Gender and Multicultural Perspective"

The Know How Conference is held every four years. In 2006 it will be hosted by Programa Universitario de Estudios de Genero (PUEG), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), in cooperation with the Know How Secretariat and the Know How Community. The Know How Community includes librarians, journalists, IT experts, researchers, indigenous and rural women's information workers, publishers and information activists representing excluded communities of women from all parts of the world.

The Mission of Know How Conference 2006 is to advance gender justice and respect for every nations cultural diversity within the information society, and promote access to information and communication as a fundamental women's and human right.

Know How 2006 has the following objectives: 1) To establish strategies that will promote the use of women's information to improve women's lives; 2) To develop a strategic plan aimed at narrowing the information/digital gap for women. 3) To share strategies that address the accessibility and availability of information for indigenous, excluded and rural women. 4) To found a Latin American Network of Information Centers and Libraries on Women's and Gender Studies.

The International Program Committee calls for inspiring, provocative and creative papers for the conference.

1. Globalization, culture, information and gender: a) Library, culture and women; b) Writers, researchers and publishers: packaging knowledge to address the needs of women; c) Storytellers and web-makers: the changing nature of creating and disseminating information; d) Culturally and socially disadvantaged groups in the information society.

2. Media, gender and communication; a) The role of media in making women's information visible; b) Experiences related to the use of media by women; c) Women's access to communication in disaster situations.

3. The digital gap, gender and development: a) Review, criticise and give recommendations in relation to WSIS; b) Mapping the digital gap in different regions of the world.

4. Indigenous and rural women, ICTs and the information society: a) Analysis and diagnosis of the conditions faced by indigenous women and the use of ICTs; b) Rural and indigenous communities and the information society; c) Work experiences within indigenous and rural women's organizations to access information.

5. Development of policies for libraries and library professionals: a) Networking for professional development; b) Developing digital libraries; c) Tools to promote access to and enable exchange of information; d) Developing a regional thesaurus for Latin America

6. Strategies and alternatives for financing gender and women's information initiatives; a) Strategies for the formulation of projects and their funding; b) Successful experiences with fund-raising; c) Management and tracking of projects; d) Alternative funding for libraries and information centers.

7. Policies for the development of the structure and legal status of the Know How Community; a) Know How and its future; b) Regional networks within the Know How Community

Papers and presentations should be unpublished, original works, no longer than 15 minutes when read, and be on one of the proposed themes or sub-themes.

Papers should include the following elements: 1) Name of the author: 2) Name of the institution or organization: 3) 300 word abstract. If sent as an email attachment, presenters should use 11 point Arial font, and txt, rtf or doc formats. Submission can also be via certified mail or fax.

Papers can be submitted in Spanish, English or French.
Deadline for submissions: March 1st 2006

This will feature the work of women information professionals and showcase women's expertise and concerns. Proposals for films should be relevant to the themes of the conference and should include: 1) Name and address ofpresenter; 2) Title of film or video; 3) Name of director of the film; 4). A 300 word description of the film, including language(s) and length of the film; 5) Geographic region covered.
Format: VHS, Betamax or DVD. Please send a copy of the film with the submission. Proposals can be submitted in Spanish, English or French. If the language used is English or French, Spanish subtitles would be appreciated as this will be the language of the majority of women at the Know How Conference in Mexico.

Deadline for proposals for the film festival: March 1st 2006

The International Program Committee together with the Local Committee will decide which papers and films will be accepted, results to be published no later than April 17th, 2006.

Proposals should be sent to:
Know How Conference
Biblioteca Rosario Castellanos
Programa Universitario de Estudios de Genero-UNAM-Mexico Torre II de Humanidades, piso 7, Circuito Interior Ciudad Universitaria, Coyoacan, D.F., C.P. 04510, Mexico

Tel: +56-23-00-17 and +56-23-00-20/23
Fax +56-23-00-19

<knowhow_mex@generounix.pueg.unam.mx> and <felmar@servidor.unam.mx>
<http://knowhow-pueg.unam.mx/> and <http://www.knowhowcommunity.org/>

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