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No to gender inequality, Yes to women's rights

Regions: East, West, and South Africa; South East Asia

Countries: Kenya, Liberia, Philippines, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda

Development Issues: Women, Conflict, Peace Building

Women Talk Peace, produced by The International Women's Tribune Centre (IWTC), is a series of radio productions that aim to raise awareness about the varied aspects of the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325, which specifically addresses the impact of war on women and women's contributions to conflict resolution and sustainable peace. The Resolution mandates that all UN member states ensure that women are active participants at all levels of decision making on peace and security issues. The Women Talk Peace radio productions use varied formats including features, dramas and short radio spots to communicate information about UNSCR 1325, as well as other international conventions and legal mechanisms relevant to women in conflict situations.

The Women Talk Peace series is part of the IWTC’s efforts to develop a core group of broadcasters, print journalists and other media practitioners who are informed about SCR 1325, in order to ensure a sustained flow of information about the resolution, other legal mechanisms and how they can be used to protect and promote women’s rights.

Women Talk Peace is part of the IWTC's strategy that sees access to information and the ability to communicate as a basic part of women's empowerment, women's ability to redefine development paradigms, women's participation in the public policy arena and the building of democratic societies.

The first radio productions focus on women, peace and security issues in Africa and Asia and the Pacific region and specific issues in certain countries in those regions.

Africa: The productions in Africa address issues of reconstruction in Liberia as well as the complexities of the armed conflict in Northern Uganda.

The Uganda productions are available in English, Swahili, and Luganda.

The Liberia productions are available in English, Kpelle, and Bassa.

Asia and the Pacific: The productions in Asia and the Pacific speak to the armed conflict in Southern Philippines but also reflect the nature and extent of conflict in Aceh, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Papua New Guinea.

The Philippines productions are available in Filipino and English.

The radio productions are being aired by a number of community and public radio stations in Africa and Asia and the Pacific.

IWTC has also produced two sets of radio spots on Resolution 1325 created by the participants of Media Advocacy Workshops that IWTC organized in Nairobi, Kenya in September 2006 and in Johannesburg, South Africa in June 2007.

Kenya: The radio spots produced in Nairobi, Kenya include general information on the Resolution and how it promotes women’s rights and participation in decision-making.

The Kenya productions are available in English, Swahili, and French.

South Africa: The ones produced in Johannesburg focuses on men’s involvement in the advocacy for the full implementation of Resolution 1325.

The South Africa productions are available in English, Portuguese, and Oromo.

All radio productions are broadcast in different community and public radio stations in Africa and Asia and the Pacific.

Uganda: IWTC, in partnership with the Uganda Media Women’s Association, Radio Apac and a number of local women’s groups and community radio in Uganda are now producing a new radio soap opera focusing on the issue of sexual and gender-based violence. Part of the production process is the conduct of a ‘writeshop’ and focus group discussion where local women’s groups and people from Atana Village in Apac district in Northern Uganda participated in the development of the script and field testing of messages. The radio soap which will be produced in Luo, Luganda and English will be launched during the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2008.

Sierra Leone: New programmes under the Women Talk Peace series are also currently being produced in Sierra Leone in partnership with a number of local women’s organizations and NGOs. The programmes in Sierra Leone will address issues confronted by women and men in rebuilding the country, such as post-conflict violence.  The productions aim to facilitate more dialogue on and women’s participation in the work of the Peace Building Commission in Sierra Leone. They will be produced in Krio, Mende and Temne and will likewise be launched during the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2008.

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Human Security Program of Canada; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway; the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Flomo Theater, Talking Drum Studio, Liberia Women Media Action Committee; the Samuel Rubin Foundation; Uganda Media Women's Association; Radio Apac the United Nations Development Fund for Women; and World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters.

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