IWTC Women's GlobalNet #301

Activities and Initiatives of Women Worldwide 

April 3, 2006
by Joeyta Bose


2. new award on women, peace and security



The UN Democracy Fund (UNDEF) will accept proposals from April 15, 2006 to May 15, 2006 for one or two-year long projects that bring about measurable and tangible improvements in democracy and human rights on the ground. Grants range from $50,000 to $500,000 and all successful proposals would integrate gender issues and clearly demonstrate the greater participation of women as one of the project’s fundamental objectives. Projects that incorporate partnerships with UN agencies stand a greater chance of being accepted.


The following activities will be eligible for funding -

Strengthening democratic dialogue and support for constitutional processes: Activities that enhance the interaction of people (especially marginalized groups) with their government, that foster national dialogue democracy and reconciliation amongst diverse communities and actors; and activities that strengthen the relationship between civilians and the military.  UNDEF will also support consultation processes for drafting or revising a Constitution.

Civil society empowerment:  Activities that strengthen civil society capacities to participate in democratic processes, including umbrella organisations and institutional interfaces between civil society and the State.

Civic education, voter registration and strengthening of political parties: Activities to enhance people’s participation in democratic processes, especially elections at the national and local levels, with particular emphasis on the involvement of marginalized groups.
Citizen’s access to information: Activities such as strengthening legal frameworks for information access; enhancing the availability of information provided by government institutions to the public; bolstering the ability of the media to act as a medium of democratic information; and increasing the level of pluralism in the sources of public and private information sources.

Human rights and fundamental freedoms: Activities like human rights education and those that promote access to justice by marginalised groups.

Accountability, transparency and integrity: Strengthening of public agencies in charge of expenditure and income oversight; parliamentary scrutiny of executive branch of government; support to watchdog groups and institutions both public and private as well as civil society organisations and NGOs, and the media, aiming at increasing transparency in public and private financial management.

Strong preference will be given to proposals for countries and regions where the difficulties of democracy are more critical and pervasive. UNDEF will reserve 80% of its $50 million budget for projects that take place in a single country and proposals of this nature must be accompanied by an endorsement from the United Nations Resident Coordinator. Proposals for more regional or global projects are also acceptable and will be considered for the remaining 20% of UNDEF’s funds.

Submission guidelines: UNDEF will ONLY accept proposals via the web. Once the application is successfully submitted online, the system will generate an electronic receipt which must be saved for future reference. The UNDEF Secretariat will contact the applicant directly if more information is required.
Access the online application and funding guidelines at: http://www.un.org/democracyfund/access_funding.htm
(At the time of publication of this Globalnet, neither item was on the UNDEF site. But, they will be posted before April 15, 2006)
Projects that are approved for funding will be notified by August 1, 2006, after which the initial proposals will have to be elaborated into detailed project documents.

questions and clarifications to democracyfund@un.org

Mailing address: The United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF)
                                     1 United Nations Plaza, Room DC1-1330
                                     New York, NY 10017, USA

Read more at: www.un.org/democracyfund

2. new award on women, peace and security

The Dutch Women in Conflict Situations and Peacekeeping Force will present a one-time prize to honor an individual or an organization in a conflict country or region that has developed groundbreaking and effective initiatives to implement United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325) on Women, Peace and Security. The winner of the 1325 Award will be announced on October 19, 2006 and the individual or organization will receive a sum of €15,000 in prize money and a speaking tour across the Netherlands.

Nomination Procedure: Candidates cannot nominate themselves – their names have to be proposed by governmental, non-governmental, civil society, UN-affiliated organizations or embassies. Forms can be downloaded from http://www.1325award.nl/?id=16&ln=en and must be fully filled out for the nominated individual or organization to be considered.

E-mail complete forms to nomination@1325award.nl
Questions about the nomination process can be sent to question@1325award.nl

Deadline: July 15, 2006

Assessment Criterion: Candidates will be assessed along the following broad guidelines -

– Is the nominee’s work an expression of the aims of UN Resolution 1325?
Has the nominee’s work influenced other actors on the national or international  
    stage of conflict / peace issues? Or: does it have the potential to do so?
Has the nominee’s work influenced the public at large and contributed to the
    public’s knowledge of the concerns addressed by 1325? Or: does it have the
    potential to do so?

A jury of Dutch experts will allocate up to 100 points to each nominee and a breakdown of the points can be found at http://www.1325award.nl/?id=24&ln=en

Read more at: http://www.1325award.nl/

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