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No to gender inequality, Yes to women's rights

The Women Peace Building Community of Practice (WPBCoP)database is an interactive member-driven information-sharing tool. Theinformation contained in the database reflects the work of the WBPCoP membersin advocating for the full implementation of UN Security Council Resolution1325 and 1820 on Women, Peace and Security. It provides an easily searchablecentral repository of documents and information on the various aspects ofUNSCRs 1325 and 1820.  

The information in the database falls under differentcategories that reflect the diversity of work on 1325 and 1820: national actionplans, training, legal services, national and community level advocacy,pyscho-social counseling, security sector reform, peace negotiations and peaceprocesses, media, etc. 

The purpose of this tool is to help WPBCoP members exchangeinformation, share experiences, strategies, lessons and best practices so as tofind synergy, increase their outreach, accentuate their multiplier effect andenhance the collective impact of women’s peace building advocacy and action.The database will also promote the WPBCoP’s unique contributions to thediscourse on women, peace and security while highlighting the work ofindividual members.  

It is also hoped that the database will be useful to UNagencies, UN Member States, government entities, researchers and other peaceand justice advocates by making this wealth of information on 1325 and 1820through a central portal.   

Database Categories:

National Action Plan
Media and 1325 and1820
Engaging Men in theAdvocacy for the Full Implementation on 1325 and 1820
Training on 1325 and1820
Legal Assistance andPsychosocial Training
Security Sector Reform
Gender ResponsiveJustice Systems

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