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The IWTC will take the commemoration of the 6th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution (SCR) 1325 to the airwaves, the Internet and to various other media venues in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, the Philippines and New York. We are holding a number of events, including:
1. A Broadcast Marathon
2. A 1325 Broadcast Campaign on the Internet, and
3. On the Ground! On the Air! Women Claiming 1325

The International Women's Tribune Centre (IWTC) is an international non-governmental organization established in l976 following the United Nations International Women's Year World Conference in Mexico City. With a commitment to empowering people and building communities, IWTC provides communication, information, education, and organizing support services to women's organizations and community groups working to improve the lives of women, particularly low-income women, in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Western Asia. More...

IWTC has produced two sets of prototype radio programs about UNSCR 1325 in partnership with community broadcasters in the Philippines and Uganda.
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The World YWCA, in partnership with the International Community of Women
Living with HIV and AIDS and other international organizations, will
convene an international conference on women’s leadership on HIV and
AIDS in July 2007.  Bringing together 1,500 women, the summit will
highlight women’s leadership in responding to HIV and AIDS...More...

UN REFORM REPORT:  In August 2006, the International Women’s Tribune Centre and the Heinrich Böll Foundation published a book entitled, “UN Reform: What’s in it for Women?” The publication features reflections, insights, and analysis by women from different regions specifically examining the impact of the UN reform process on women at the regional and national levels. It also presents different initiatives and proposals in ensuring women’s spaces within the UN as well as concrete recommendations on how to influence the UN reform process.
Click here to download a pdf copy of the UN Reform Report

PANEL DISCUSSION: The International Women's Tribune Centre in partnership with the Heinrich Boell Foundation organized a panel discussion on the UN Reform Agenda on March 1, 2006 in conjunction with the 50th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Entitled "UN Reform: What's in it for Women?," the panel examined the relevance of the UN Reform process to women and how women's organizations could influence the reform process to ensure the integration of a gender perspective and analysis.
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What is UNSCR 1325?
What is the UN Security Council Resolution 1325? It’s a landmark document that marks the first time the UN Security Council addressed the disproportionate and unique impact of armed conflict on women and recognized their contributions to conflict prevention, peacekeeping, conflict resolution and peace-building. This same document stressed the importance of women’s equal and full participation as active agents in peace and security.

Download the simplified version of UNSCR 1325 [Plain Text] [PDF]

Download the full version of UNSCR 1325 [Plain text] [PDF] 

IWTC and Isis-WICCE  host CyberDialogue on UNSCR 1325

With October marking the 5th anniversary of United Nations Security Council resolution (UNSCR) 1325 on women, peace and security (see Women's GlobalNet #282), the International Women's Tribune Centre and Isis-WICCE convened a Peace-Building CyberDialogue on UNSCR 1325. Envisioned as a global town hall meeting, this  eal time discussion (with voice and visual contact) connected women working on peace in conflict-affected countries with gender advocates, policy makers and diplomats meeting at the UN and with women attending the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) International Forum in Bangkok, Thailand. Women gathered in Nepal, the Philippines, Timor Leste, Uganda and Zimbabwe to discuss their experiences with using UNSCR 1325, including ways to use the resolution to strengthen women's participation in key decision-making bodies that deal with peace and security issues and the issues that they want to bring to the attention of decision makers. Participants in New York included Rachel Mayanja, the Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women. Ms. Mayanja noted the women's concerns and suggestions and took their messages to the Open Debate of the UN Security Council, which took place immediately following the CyberDialogue.

The outcome of the Dialogue also fed into the discussions at the AWID International Forum which had as its overarching theme  omen in a Changing World  Plans call for excerpts from the CyberDialogue to be used in the production of local language  325 radio programmes that IWTC is developing to reach out to women working on these issues at community level. A three-part radio programme is currently airing in the Philippines and others are planned for Uganda and Zimbabwe. See more articles on women  voices on peace and security issues https://www.iwtc.org/286.html.

Women, Ink. is the bookstore of the International Women’s Tribune Centre (IWTC) that markets and distributes resources that focus on the perspectives of women from developing nations or in United Nations language, the Global South.  Women, Ink. has a strong committment to giving visibility to books published in the Global South and continuously updates and includes new resources that meet the needs of women worldwide.  Women, Ink. carries materials from international organizations and small presses in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.  New resources are always welcome.  More...

The NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security (NGOWG) was formed in May 2000 to successfully advocate for a UN Security Council Resolution (SCR) on women, peace and security. This was achieved collaboratively with the unanimous adoption of SCR 1325 on 31 October 2000. Now, the NGOWG advocates for and monitors the participation of women, prevention of conflict and protection of all civilians, to ensure full and rapid implementation of SCR 1325’s promises.

Giving a voice to issues of significant importance to women’s lives in the present global and local contexts, using community and commercial radio, internet radio, written press (women owned and mainstream media), 
                                                                                    electronic lists and  TV news.

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