OTHER Resources

  • Posters and postcards focusing on women and development issues
  • Slide-tape sets on women and development issues, including all four UN World Conferences on Women and NGO Forums on Women--Each set includes eighty frame slides accompanied by a cassette tape and script that brings you to these watershed events of the womens movement. IWTC offers six different slide sets entitled:
    • Declaration of American Women
      This slide/tape presentation reflects the key issues and ideas expressed at the 1977 United States National Womens Conference, the US follow-up conference to the International Womens Year Conference in 1975. The narrative is the Declaration read at the Conference by Jean Stapleton, Coretta Scott King and Lupe Anguiano.

    • The Issue is Women
      The International Womens Year Tribune, 1975 slide/tape set provides an issue-oriented overview of the 1975 non-governmental meeting in Mexico City during International Womens Year. Critical development concerns are highlighted as women seek to share more fully and equally in shaping the events that vitally affect their lives.

    • Women and the World Meet Together
      This is a visual and verbal description of the activities, events and issues at the non-government meeting in Copenhagen, the Forum 1980, held parallel to the UN Conference of the Decade for Women.

    • Images of the Decade
      This slide/tape presentation is an overview of events held during the UN Decade for Women (1975-1985) including the first World Conference on Women and IWY Tribune held in Mexico City (1975), the second World Conference on Women held in Copenhagen (1980) and the Third World Conference on Women and NGO Forum held in Nairobi (1985). Selected events, demonstrations and meetings of women held in these world meetings are also shown.
    • Women Celebrate the Decade
      This slide/tape presentation is a colorful overview of the July 1985 NGO Forum and World Conference on Women that took place in Nairobi, Kenya at the end of the UN Decade for Women. Some 15,000 women from every region of the world celebrated the culmination of a decade of efforts towards the advancement of women, and lobbied for acceptance by all countries of the Forward Looking Strategies for the Advancement of Women to the Year 2000.

    • Women and Appropriate Technology
      Using the Tech & Tools event at the Nairobi World Conference in 1985, this slide-tape will raise issues about womens access to and control over technologies, particularly in womens projects in developing countries. This set will also include a brief resource listing for readings on related issues.

    • Issues and Images of Beijing 95
      A wonderful glimpse into issues and events at the historic NGO Forum on Women 95 is provided by this slide-tape set from the International Womens Tribune Centre. With 80 slides, a 12 minute audio tape with narrative and music, and an 8 page script, it is extremely useful as a stimulant for further discussion and action on behalf of women everywhere.

    • Powerpoint presentations, including a Womens Roll of Honour containing the names of 1000s of women activists from all world regions.


  • WOMEN, INK. A service of IWTC that markets and disseminates women and development materials from more than 100 small presses in both the Global North and Global South. Currently, the 2000 edition of Women, Ink.s catalogue contains approximately 300 titles.

IWTC has publications, posters, and postcards available free of charge to groups from the South, and available at cost to groups from the North. Write for more information! Email: [email protected] or check out our Women, Ink. website: www.womenink.org